Montreal, Canada

New York, U.S.A

Riviera Maya, Mexico

San Fransisco, U.S.A

Truro, Nova Scotia

Vancouver, British Columbia



New York

New York, “The city of FUCK”. That was a quote from some Netflix T.V Show, I think. I thought the delivery was hilarious.

Like I mentioned I planned this trip to be tacked onto our Montreal Visit. We rode a tour bus from Montreal to New York, it was a 4 day 3 night tour with a hotel in Jersey.

The ride over did not start great, and when I say that we literally got so lucky that no one died. A moped driver to be exact. Pulling out of downtown Montreal, the bus literally hit a moped driver and the bike was stuck under the bus. He bailed off and injured his leg, but holy mother fucking shit. I still can not believe he was not hurt, and that the company ALLOWED the bus driver to continue with the tour. Still shaken up, we made it to New York a little later than expected without further incidents.

My 2 aunties and cousin are also quite familiar with the city, so I got to follow their lead when we arrived. Visiting the popular shops and landmarks downtown, more geared towards keeping Parker happy. The lego store, M&M store, Nintendo Store and Toys R Us.


Parker and I spend the Majority of our time in Central Park. It was my absolute favorite place there, stunning views of the skyline and tons of kid friendly things to do.


On our last day, Parker and I were on our own. We took the Ferry from New York to Stanton Island back and immediately back as it was rumored that Stanton Island was a hole. The picturesque views of the city skyline with lady liberty were well worth the trip!! We bummed around battery park, and took in the World Trade Center memorial.


Instead of taking the tour bus back to the hotel, we took the iconic train system from New York to Penn Station, New Jersey. I used to blog a few years ago, and while I was blogging made friends with M.J from formally known M.J Runs but now Fit and Fierce with M.J. She moved from Miami to New York and there was no way that I was not going to meet her. She met us at the train station and we walked to a nice little Portuguese bakery and talked about our lives. Parker found a friend there, so he was not even bored!  She was so kind to drive our asses back to the hotel!


We were up bright and early for breakfast the next day, then headed to go do some outlet shopping on our way back to Montreal.

It was an incredible time, and I want to go back one day to experience the night life!

Riviera Maya

Last summer (2014) Adam and I bailed the kid and took our very first trip down to Mexico. We ….He did tons of research on resorts and ultimately decided on staying at Bahia Principe Coba in the Riviera Maya.Mexico1

It was a great choice, a bit more expensive than your traditional cheap thrown together trip to a Caribbean destination, however we appreciated how much this resort had to offer.

We had booked for 7 days, and had all sorts of plans on what we were going to do with our time. Mayan Ruins, a trip to the city and a jungle tour (or something).

When we arrived, we noticed that alcohol was available for purchase even before leaving the airport. Not only is drinking on the bus to the resort allowed, it is encouraged!

After almost 9 hours with no food, we were both starved arriving at the resort. Check in was quick and painless, but all that was served was mostly tequila. I was fairly bombed by the time we put our stuff away and headed to the first of many…many …many trips to the buffet and ice cream machines.

The first day was spent wondering around, getting familiar with the area. You know, locating where all the food and drink areas were.

I established a routine quite quickly:

6:30 AM  Hit the gym, before the mugginess set in.
8:00 AM Meet Adam for breakfast
9:00 AM Shower
10:00 AM – Hit the swim up bar, drink a liter of booze and attempt to           learn how to swim.
11:30 AM –  Shower then NAP while Adam made international friends at the swim up bar
1:00 PM – Lunch/Ice Cream
1:30 PM – Check out what was happening with the entertainment team, usually Zumba in the pool, Spanish lessons, bingo, yoga, pool parties .. all while drinking.
3:00PM- Walk over to beach
3:10PM -Ice Cream on way to beach
3:15PM- Drink at other resort swim up bar, go in Ocean (maybe)
5:00PM – Dinner
7:00PM – Ice Cream
9:00PM – Nightly Show at resort
11:00PM- Sleep

After experiencing what there was to do at the resort, we actually decided that this trip we were going to just STAY at the resort and save our money. We were having so much fun just relaxing that we both did not feel the need to go and do anything.
(My little friend outside of the hotel doors!)

Since I am writing about this over a year later, its pretty vague. But we both found 7 days without our baby was pretty long. Nightly Skype conversations with him helped but by day 5 we were pretty ready to come back home. Next time we go, it will be a family trip!

 Mexico 3

(The only restaurant we ate traditional Mexican Food)


Nova Scotia! How amazing was this trip!

It was a trip dedicated to being a bridesmaid in my close friend Sara’s wedding!


Most of the trip was very wedding oriented, but her wedding was in Pictou, N.S. So we traveled from her parents house in Truro, to Pictou.
Our accommodations were at Pictou beach lodges, and it was beautiful and perfect for a wedding. Backing out onto the Atlantic Ocean, it was the most perfect (wait, did I say that already?) spot.

Nova 5

Staying at the lodges, we had direct access to the beach and the ability to take the kayaks and Stand Up paddle boards for a spin.


Wedding? YES PLEASE!


Sara and her gorgeous wedding party!


Tyler was my date that night, by this time I was drunk as hell. I believe this was after Lindsay and I snuck out to drink in the lodge and ride bikes in the dark in our dresses and heels. I swore I would not drink again till Christmas time. hahaha.

The day after the wedding we all headed to her grandparents house Just outside of River, John for yet another celebration. It is a rural area, but it somehow felt different than any rural area I have visited around here in Edmonton.

On my last day, Adams family (Aunt Sandra, Uncle Jim and Various Cousins) who at the time was living in New Brunswick, came to meet me and bring me into Halifax for a few hours! We spent our time meandering along the piers and taking in the buskers festival (similar to the street performers festivals). Before we left downtown, they treated me to a donair because I have heard nothing but good things about those Nova Scotian Donairs! I certainly was not disappointed.


During my time in Nova Scotia, I felt incredibly relaxed. EVERYONE was friendly and so very welcoming. If it was not for the crappy weather, and lack of jobs I would move there in a heartbeat.


Montreal has always been on my bucket list for Travel. Mainly because I have family that lives there. My aunt frequents Alberta, but I had not seen my cousin in over 10 years!

This time around I took Parker with me, I am determined to make his life better than mine ever was growing up. He is not much of a traveler, even locally. He really takes Adam, more introverted and likes to stay close to home. However, in the end…he had a good time!

Lots of pre-planning with my aunt, because she is a Montreal native, made for a jam packed schedule. Arriving at 6am Parker and I were totally bagged from our overnight flight, so after we arrived at my aunts we napped.

After a nap and some food, we headed to one of Montreal’s famous shopping districts, St. Hubers Street. The sole purpose was to go to Oscars to pick up treats!

That night after Parker went to sleep, My cousin Kamila and I caught up at a local bar. Lots of laughs to be had over a few pitchers of beer! Last time I saw her, she was 12… So it was a bit weird drinking with her!montreal5

The next day, we hit up the Parc Olympique. The 1976 Olympics were held there, and they still profit off of this! We rode what was probably  the worlds tallest funicular elevator to the top of the Observation Deck.  You had 360 degree views off the whole city! It was so awesome!!


We were not in Montreal for long before we took a tour bus to NEW YORK! I figured, hell am I not going to just Montreal if we were less than a stones throw away from a city I would die to visit.

The rest of our Montreal trip was dedicated to random spots my aunt wanted to me see and places we NEEDED to eat at. Famous for its, pizza, poutine and bagels it did not disappoint.

One highlight was that we headed to the Just For Laughs Festival downtown. I met about 5 more cousins that day.


Our last day my cousin Kamila and her hilarious boyfriend took us to Old Montreal. It was my absolute favorite memory from the entire time in Montreal. The old European feel, the River, the people and the shopping made the experience just that much more enjoyable.


Leaving was very hard so I would love to go back in a few years.



San Fransisco

We traveled to San Fran as a family. However, the only reason why we went was because Adam was attending a conference for work.
It was Parker and I exploring the city during the day, then meeting up with Adam in the evenings.
As someone who likes to travel on the cheap, I found that the City Pass was a GREAT value. Unlimited transit rides and access to some of the most popular attractions all for under $100.00 US. (Which is like $700.00 Canadian with the exchange rate).

Parker and I used it to go to:

Alkatraz Island
This one was admittedly some bad timing, we switched our time from  after lunch time to before lunchtime and Parker was not a happy camper. I am super sorry to the dude who was recording the jail tour with his GoPro for the mom voice and the whiny child in the background. I got what I wanted out of the trip, which was essentially just to see the iconic prison! We moved quickly, to get boat to get some crappy cafeteria food.


Aquarium of the Bay
Smaller than I thought, but Parker had a great time exploring and seeing all the amazing sea creatures from a different view!


I regret not getting Adam to come with us here, it would have been right up his ally. We spent hours experimenting with the COOLEST exhibits.  What a great place.



California Academy of Sciences
This is the only attraction Adam joined us for, while it was cool, it was not Exploritorium cool. My favorite exhibit was the reenactment of the 2 most famous earthquakes!! Oh and the Osher Rainforest was freaking neat!


Not to mention the numerous bus trips around town, most notably to the Golden Gate Bridge.


One of my favorite places in all of San Fran had to be Pier 39. It was so different than any place I have ever been. The carousal was the highlight, so perfectly placed and a treasured memory for many kids I am sure. Sorry no flash, and we were there at night.


On our last day, we took a family hike (well more like walk) along the coast from the hotel to Coyote Park. There was another science like place that we took Parker to, it was a combination of a zoo/science center.




I loved visiting San Francisco, However the aggressive nature of the homeless people left a bad impression on Adam. I just chalked it up to their healthcare system.

Blogging, Again?

Well sort of. I used to blog for a very specific reason, now I am just going to blog for fun. Since I do not have to answer to anyone or sensor my posts in anyway, it could actually be enjoyable.

I went back over the last 2 years and documented my travels, however I found out that I certainly did not take enough photos! I even own a GoPro, and don’t utilize it! I had to dig deep and creep some facebook accounts to dig up some photos!

I already feel good about being able to post as often or not often as I want! My life is really busy, and we are constantly doing stuff that sometimes I wish I had wrote something down about that specific event to better remember it. As you can see by my posts already, because they range from 4-20 months ago!